Opportunities for fully-funded collaborative PhD scholarships in 2018

Applications for Aberdeen Curtin Alliance PhD Scholarship 2018 are now closed. 

Applications for the 2019 PhD scholarships will open by the third quarter of 2018.

Project for 2018

Analysis of micro level property data (Curtin University)


Collaborative PhD Scholarships 2017

Current collaborative PhD projects underway in the field of business in 2017.

Curtin University Business

Understanding the decommissioning landscape

Topic overview: The oil and gas industry is engaged in complex relationships with a range of actors and stakeholders throughout the life of its infrastructure. We are entering a new phase of the industry with the decommissioning of a large number of exploited sites in one of the major producing regions. Decommissioning on this scale in a complex socio—economic and ecological environment raises new challenges. Particularly, we need to better understand risks (perceived and actual) and uncertainties during this phase of operation in interactions between all actors.

This research aims to examine and develop frameworks that enable the wider context of decommissioning to be modelled. In particular this will involve a detailed and systemic analysis of the risk environment through active engagement of stakeholder landscape recognising the dynamic nature of the arena, culminating in conceptual system model(s), and an understanding of their stability, transient dynamics, and resilience, extending extant knowledge as well as a form of guideline practice to assist organisations.

Aberdeen supervisor: Professor John Paterson
Curtin supervisor: Professor Fran Ackerman 

Empirical modelling of crude oil prices under consideration of the relationship with other financial markets and the role of financialisation

Aberdeen supervisor: Dr Marc Gronwald
Curtin supervisor: Dr Hiroaki Suenaga