Aberdeen Curtin Alliance Current PhD Students

2019 PhD Students 

Engineering and Energy
Marcos Argüello Pore Scale Modelling of Multiphase Reactive Systems
Alicia Terrero Gonzalez New Techniques/Technology/Devices for Wave Energy Extraction
David Flood Chavez Green economy transitions in tourism in the Margaret River region (WA, Australia)
Edwin Avella Fernandez Water splitting and CO2 reduction and ammonia synthesis via artificial photosynthesis at liquid-liquid interfaces
Nijmeh Marouf Tailwater hydrokinetic turbines: performance and environmental impact
Health sciences and medicine
Bernard Yeboah-Asiamah Asare Exploring health issues associated with rotation/FIFO work employing intensive longitudinal assessment methods.
Melanie Antunes Public and Patient preferences for social prescription
Creative Arts
Joe Patterson Into the New World: Diaspora in Australian and Scottish Writing
Stewart Ennis ‘ilk’ a novel
George Yeboah A comparative study of Corporate Environmental and Social and Governance (ESG) reporting in the UK and Australia

2018 PhD Students 

Health sciences and medicine

Ahlima Roumane: 

Pancreatic Islet Adaptation in Health and Disease.

Maeve Coyle: 

Comparative exploration into the experiences of medical students from widening access backgrounds at both the University of Aberdeen and Curtin University, with a view to encouraging and supporting meaningful changes in the philosophies, policies and practices of WA
Engineering and Energy (Global Energy Institute)

Jianwei Li:

Developing hybrid reaction system for NADH/NAD+ regeneration.

Maria Del Pilar Di Martino Perez: 

Unconventional reservoir imaging and geological interpretation in porous, heterogeneous environment via integrated seismic, petrophysical and mineralogical techniques.

Miftah Hidayat:

Electrokinetic measurements in intact core samples at reservoir conditions with the application to enhanced oil recovery via miscible CO2

Mohammad Hasanuzzaman Shawon:

Multiple agent based hierarchical control of smart grid using IEC 61850 protocol.

Mulky Winata: 

The Velocity Structure of Complex Overburden on the NW Shelf of Australia.

Creative arts

Melissa Fagan: 


Thomas Byam Shaw

Creative nonfiction comprised of a series of personal essays that draw on my own experiences to explore the ways in which people and places are connected, and disconnected, by our shared use of the world’s oceans and seas.

A short story collection that considers the themes of travel, environmental collapse, and the strangeness of the modern world.


Sania Wadud:

Examining links between energy/emission and financial markets

Zhuoran Zhang: 

The Analysis of Micro Property Data’, which is highly relative to my master research project.

2017 PhD Students


Aaron Wei Jie Tung:

Enhancing the Understanding of The Decommissioning Landscape: Development of Stakeholder Oriented Critical Paths for United Kingdom and Australia.

Esti Tri Widyastuti: 

Modelling of oil discovery and production in an economics perspective and relates to oil exploration efforts and expenses incurred.

Engineering and Energy (Global Energy Institute)

Ahmed-Tijani Afolabi: 

Efficient biomass upgrading technologies via the steam reforming of bio-oils and tar.

Bugra Bayik: 

Vibration based structural health monitoring and damage detection in subsea risers.

Craig Moir:

Thermal enhancement of nanofluids

Johanna Heeb: 

Listening through rock salt: Quantifying petrofabrics and seismic anisotropy of evaporites to improve seismic imaging.

Ruturaj Sawant: 

Develop a ‘Multiscale data-driven model for biomass pyrolysis’.

Creative arts

Alison Metoudi: 

Experimental Screenwriting Practice at the Unspoken Borders between Nature, Animal and Human arose from a competition call to interpret the theme of ‘Wild Places’ primarily in the context of the North East of Scotland.

Ashleigh Angus: 

Explores how Orcadian women accused of witchcraft may have constructed fairy legends to articulate their fears and desires.

Adam Kealley:

Exploring the aesthetic and ideological potential of employing the Australian Gothic genre to represent queer adolescence in young adult fiction.

Health sciences and medicine

Ni Gao: 

Thriving not surviving following a breast cancer diagnosis: what can time allocation tell us?

Paulina Dzianach: 

Modelling the composition and structure of Campylobacter jejuni biofilms.

Vijay Phaninda Srikanth Kompella: 

The Physics of Translation in the Cell.